Bet Less Win More – Results Update (End Sept 2019)

The premise of the “Betlesswinmore” approach is to accumulate steady and consistent profits by taking on relatively short priced horses on the betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq. The races targeted tend to only have a few runners but ones in which Gary Boswell feels there is a creditable alternative winner to the horse that is going to be opposed.

A live trial on the Betting Insiders Club forum demonstrated how effective the approach could be and prior to the new service going live Gary shared his lay bets during October and November 2018. Over the two month period over 60% of the days proved to be profitable and he increased the suggested bank by just shy of +32%.

Betlesswinmore went live at the start of Dec’18 and as at the end of Sept’19 the 20 point bank has grown to 51.32 points which represents cracking gains of +156.60%.

The daily bulletins are generally sent out the night before the races are due to be run and include the selection to be layed on the exchanges along with a guide lay price and the suggested lay stake. The lay stake will vary depending on how Gary views the balance of reward vs risk but is normally between ¼ to a full point. The actual liability will vary depending on the lay prices taken but this forms part of Gary’s strategy for each race.

In addition to the lay bet there may be a back selection in the same race based on Gary’s analysis of a value alternative to the short priced horse being taken on. The idea is if as aimed for the lay bet wins it offers the opportunity of a free back bet on one of the other runners.

There is plenty of advice and interaction with Gary via the daily bulletins but we recommend from the outset that the Betlesswinmore approach should be viewed as a “steady eddie” with regular and consistent gains that build up over the course of the season.


The Betlesswinmore team

PS You can download our spreadsheet showing the topline results here