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Just a quick missive before the BOZ lock down (although I might be on again if we get the elusive US winner tonight! Yes I know what you told me doctor but I had a much better night last night and you said I might have overreacted (and you might have been right!)).

I have been following the dog system I espoused a while back in the continuing Australian Dog Racing scene. They've introduced two metre social distancing in the load up there which no doubt the rest of the world is watching. We might get back to racing sooner rather than later after all. Australian lockdown has been in place a while now.

I have sixteen days stats from the watch so far and the system shows a paper profit with an ROI of 15%. I've been using minimal £2 unit stakes and have had a few big priced winners and just two losing days. One of those was a loss of discipline day (tut,tut) and my working ROI is thus only 8% but still promising overall.

If you do want something to do over the next week, it might be worth a watch. Let me know how you go as the boss says I gotta enforce a week's abstinence to reduce my stress levels! Yeh,Yeh.

But I do as I'm told where she is concerned!

Some of the Oz racing takes place at ungodly UK hours but they have night racing that takes place in our morning/early afternoon and lots of it. Several tracks have live video feed on Betfair whether you are betting or not. So you can get to watch much of it as well. It'll be an avenue for the future BOZ betting methinks. Tipping also if I can get a handle on it.

Ciao for now.


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