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BOZmail 2020 cycle PART ONE(1/2 – 31/5) overall profit = +4.2876 points

                                      PART TWO(1/6 –        )  overall profit = 

PART ONE LIM 2020 Strike Rates: Lays: 25/41 = 60.97%  Backs: 9/29 = 31.03%



Suspended until further notice:

THE BOZmail post lockdown litmus test:


Day One: +23.16

Day Two: – 29.33

BOZBETS during the Litmus Test:

Day one: £1 win on Little Jo @ 9/1 – WON

                  £1 win on Cosmelli @ 33/1 – 4th

                  50p double – LOST

DAY ONE P/L = +£7-50

Day two: £1 win on Big Country @ 10/1 – LOST

                 £1 win on Sucellus @ 8/1 – LOST

                 50p Reversed Forecast

DAY TWO P/L =  -3-00                  Ongoing P/L = +4-50

Day three: £1 win on Two Bids

DAY THREE P/L =                        Ongoing P/L = 

NEWCASTLE SHORTLIST: (2.6.20) RESULTS: 1 winner : 6 placers : 1 x CSF

12-45 Lawmaking – Siglo Six – Star Shield – Ours Puissant – Hill Walker – Breanski – Jackstar(2nd@5/1) – Mikmak

1-20 Fifth Position(3rd@5/2) – You’re Fired – Dark Vision(2nd@5/2) – Firmament

1-55 Yorkshire Gold – Abstemious – Overwrite – Ayr Harbour(2nd@6/1)

2-30 Glen Shiel(2nd@4/1) – Cosmic Law – Vintage Brut – Cold Stare

3-05&3-40&4-15&4-50 NO SELECTIONS

5-25 Billy No Mates – Unit of Assessment – Gabrial The One(1st@13/2) – Sexy Beast – Multellie – Blue Medici(NR) – Armandihan – Swift Wing(2nd@14/1) CSF = £92-29

6-00 Big Country – Trevithick – Society Red

(Incidence : 30 selections in 6 races) Level stakes P/L = -22.5

KEMPTON SHORTLIST: (2.6.20) RESULTS : 4 winners : 6 placers : 3 x CSF

1-00 Lord of the Sky – Mafia Power

1-35 Junderstand – Noble Gift(2nd@14/1) – The Children’s Trust – Wimpole Hall – Scofflaw

2-10 Amplify(3rd@6/1) – Jack The Truth – Charming Kid


3-20 Meraas(1st@7/1) – Cold Front(2nd@1/1) CSF = £13-74

3-55 First Receiver(1st@11/8) – Imrahor(NR)

4-30 Galsworthy(1st@4/5) – Jazz Party(2nd@20/1) CSF = £24-85

5-05 Paddy The Chef – Teaser – Kensington Art – Malika I Jahan – Really Super(2nd@16/1) – London Eye – Secretario(1st@6/1) – Singing The Blues(3rd@4/1) CSF = £90-29  Tricast = £427.03

5-40 Trigger Happy – Rocketeer – Gift Of Youth

(Incidence : 26 selections in 8 races) Level stakes P/L = -6.83

That was more like the day I expected on Monday with two non-premier shortlist tracks finding plenty of placers to suggest form was holding up again but seriously struggling to land a winner (did better at Kempton by the end). That was the day to be laying at Newcastle! You have seen best and worst of the shortlist in the past two days. Done its job as a litmus test though already. I feel very centred now on what to expect from UK racing in the days ahead. Business could be starting back as soon as June 11th at Bath.

Markets had more of a handle than on day one but it was a good day for laying and a blinding day also for The Boz’s premier tipping system at the moment. Were you watching closely again at the preliminaries before the 3-05 at Newcastle? I suspect several of you were as Muker did his dump and the price rushed in from 50/1 to 20/1!

Nice to see some of you paying attention! That is actually the eighth winner from nine I’ve spotted since French racing resumed a fortnight back. The one that lost was also coming to win when he fell at the last. Talk about top system! Thanks to all of you who have sent congrats including one new BOZmailer who said he saw me being belittled for the system in the Racing Post a few years back and was among those laughing at me! But not any more! Converts to the biggest pile of shit in racing I hope to make of you all!! And that 3-05 also goes on my horses to follow chart for the day. Muker was professional and impressive but the one for Royal Ascot may be the second – Significantly – who was finishing like a train. Can only improve for that. Watch for him needing the loo before the Coventry!

Don’t like Kempton (it can do ok but very untrustworthy and hard to read) on the flat but have found one to bet at Yarmouth on day three of this post lockdown litmus test period. Two Bids gets bottom weight in the 4-15 and has run his best race for James Doyle on this sort of ground. Looks primed for a big run. Shan’t be laying at Yarmouth because although not a course the shortlist does well at traditionally, the ground suggests it may have a decent day. 


12-45 Bodyline – HMS President – Celestran – Arthur’s Court

1-20 Affluence – Running Cloud – Cotton Club


2-30 Case Key – Atletico – Seprani

3-05 Enemy – Cityzen Serg

3-40 Haqeeqy – Higher Kingdom

4-15 Buckingham – Balgair – Two Bids

4-50 Sung Choi Bao – Pretty Pickle

5-25 Morning Shadow – Barking Mad – Inhalation – Zim Baby – Robert Guiscard – Tyler Durden

6-00 Golden Force – Martineo – Mr Top Hat

(Incidence : 28 selections in 9 races)


1-00 Colonel Whitehead – Agent Shiftwell – Zulu Zander – Never Dark

1-30 Pink Flamingo – You’re Cool – Just Glamorous

2-10 Lightness – Sun Bear

2-45 Max Vega – Bright Melody

3-20 Carnival Rose – Plunger – Sir Roderic – Venture – Suzi’s Connoisseur – Shyron – Gossiping

3-55 Billesdon Brook – Scentasia

4-30 Kingston Kurrajong – Marshal Dan – Highfaluting – Earth and Sky

5-05 Mystiquestar – Andaleep – Al Daiha – New Look – The Warrior

5-40 Dubai Elegance – It Must Be Faith – Napping – Showmethewayavarilo – Fly The Nest – Perfect Symphony

(Incidence : 35 selections in 9 races)

BOZmail 2020 – Horses to follow on the flat:

Frankly Darling



The BOZmail golden rules:

1/ Try to look where others do not.

2/ Make sure your selections are as good as you can get them(the boz’s job here)

3/ Get your staking right (up when confident – down when less so or when managing bank)

4/ Do all in your power to get best price available(whether that be using price comparison sites or using partial staking techniques on the exchanges when unsure which way a price might go. Be careful not to take exchange ‘silly prices’ if you are going in early on a lay price or if a specified low lay tissue price goes on a significant drift. Always check bookmaker tissue prices first to get a guide on what to expect from the market if it is not yet properly formed on the exchanges. The recommendation is always to secure a price (if possible) when actually placing the lay bet. Your discretion based on personal form study and watching the markets develop also encouraged to ensure you maximise returns.The staking advices are a general rather than rigid dictate – mainly for the less experienced and those not able to spend time watching markets develop and practising the optimum betting time skill. Remember also that a lay price available at a significantly lower level than stated on the sheet offers opportunity to increase lay stake without increasing calculated safe lay liability. This can be a key profit optimising tool in the long term if your form study agrees with that published by The Boz.

5/ Always keep in mind the long term ‘importance of  breaking even’ philosophy and practice. This is very much used by The Boz in his staking advices and is recommended in your betting practices – especially during the down spells – in order to maintain a healthy and consistent bank.

6/ Always remember the BOZ does traditionally suffer from Murphys Law. If he expresses his opinion but states that he won’t be betting on it himself and isn’t making it an official tip, remember that historically these can be his best advices! The 2019 Grand National opinion expressed paid a £2,260-93 tricast for a £60 (£1×60) permed stake (five selections). 

7/ Never accept an overall loss. This has been the BOZ’s mantra for 22 years. The year the BOZmail posts an overall loss is the year he packs in.

“I play cautiously and strategically with bank management always in mind.”  Boz 

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