BOZmail 26th APRIL

Greyhound RacingShowing 1 – 5 of 5 markets
MarketStart timeSettled dateProfit/loss (£)
Greyhound Racing / Ipsw (AUS) 25th Apr : R5 630m Rest25-Apr-20 09:2825-Apr-20 09:30 13.21
Greyhound Racing / Bend (AUS) 25th Apr : R5 500m Gr525-Apr-20 09:2525-Apr-20 09:26 5.61
Greyhound Racing / Bend (AUS) 25th Apr : R4 425m Rest25-Apr-20 09:0925-Apr-20 09:10 28.96
Greyhound Racing / Bull (AUS) 25th Apr : R1 400m Mdn25-Apr-20 09:0525-Apr-20 09:09 -8.64
Greyhound Racing / Gard (AUS) 25th Apr : R4 400m Mdn25-Apr-20 08:5725-Apr-20 08:58 0.94

I know a few of you are following the Oz dogs and are interested in my efforts so I'll keep posting for a while. This is Saturday 25th's effort.I am using a very abbreviated version of the full sweep approach of playing in every qualifying race. My criteria is still very much capping at £40 per day profit or loss. To keep me away from over dependence on screen watching. Just 31 minutes again today. I do always seek to watch the races I play in. Very much my religion that.And as identified by a BOZmailer who mailed in during the week, I don't necessarily stick totally to the rules. You'll know by now. I don't believe in rules! Reason I don't live a military life! I take orders from no-one!!

So I treat this as a premise – as previously explained – and am sticking generally to the staking and adjacent box elements. I don't work from SP or BSP however and am guided very much by the live market watch. So sometimes my laid fav does not return the SP fav. And I don't always start out laying at £9. Prefer to be cautious early in a sequence and build up some pot winnings first.I also do decide on whether to go full on in backing outsiders after considering bank management. Ever the cautious seeking to limit liability and prevent the losing streak from setting in. That's just my way. As I've said to those talking to me directly about this element, each best devising their own preferred way to play. And don't do that until you've watched a bit first. It is fundamentally a trading exercise as much as a gambling one. Trading round that adjacent box premise and sticking always to the guardian gambling rule – seek value. Only play when you've got it.

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