BOZmail – 25th FEBRUARY (part two)

To confirm that I have decided to call TUESDAY a NO BET day despite Catterick surviving the inspection. The two qualifiers there are simply cases of betting the fav to fall which – whilst we did that successfully last week – is not really best practice and waiting for a better day is. The three races at Lingfield all look plausible on first look despite the seven runners in each. The 2-30 almost got me in because it does look wide open and with six in there to beat Believe in Love, I was almost tempted. But I made the mistake of conducting a rigorous race read and concluded that at the weights Goddess of Fire and particularly Eventful -who ran well for us last week -are held on that LTO race that many of them competed in. Visibility looks value as does Eventful and they could turn it round but on balance I had Believe in Love the likely winner but nowhere near value enough to back in such a race.

Ultimately, bank management has prevailed. It is a strong concept within the way I have made LIM succeed the past five years. Profit protection is sometimes key. Recognising those times is the skill. If you go back on early February record you saw me succumbing to the daily prerogerative and picking in less than cast iron races causing a four day losing spell that dissipated our early profits. A mistake I don't intend to make again.


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