JANUARY 2021 – 31 day extension to – the 2020 home of the BOZmail

Welcome to the BOZmail service including the daily LESS IS MORE bet



LIM 2020 Strike rates: Lays 126/182 = 69.23%  Backs : 37/117 = 31.62%

LIM Monthly Scores:

February: + 1.3496 points

March  : + 1.5866 points


April     : – 0.1733 points

May      : – 0.8359 points


June     : + 0.0428 points

July      : + 0.8046 points 

August :  +1.9726 points   (+4.747 points)

September : +1.0071 points (+5.7541 points)

October : + 2.1487 points (+7.9028 points)

November : +4.468 points (+12.3708 points)

December :  +0.8487 points (+13.2195 points)



Cheltenham’s abandonment takes a lot of the lustre out of the start to the new year but NH traders will have To Follow horse RETURN TICKET to compensate and he looks a playable price at 7/1 or better on the flat track (Musselburgh 3-05) that suits and that he ran at so well LTO. Up in class here and carrying penalty but he is an encouraging chasing type with more still to offer you feel so a win not out of the question. Good trade prospect.

No LIM qualifying races over jumps in the remaining fixtures however so the concerted focus on an LIM purist month in this COVID-19 lockdown extension begins with another speculative play on the all weather much as we ended the year with yesterday. I was relatively encouraged thereby and have race read this one in a similar way with the favourite very short and having a few things to prove – not least that he handles the quirky Southwell surface. Jockey/trainer combo are in his favour but also reason why he is a layable price and that’s what we do taking around the 2.5 mark or lower hinted at by the tissue. Yesterday’s went on a severe drift so you may need to get in early again although stable may also hold the price up more this time.

Good LIM cover in Jump The Gun who likes it here and Perfect Swiss who is very consistent although I could want for better jockey and trainer for both. We had strong jockey on our side on Thursday and eye drawn to his mount here at the price given that track and mark are ok. Stable also in kilter. Just current form presumably the reason he sits at 22/1. Bond Angel the back and a take early again as I would definitely expect the price to come in if the stable are keen.


0.1pt LAY on THRILL SEEKER (around 2.5)

0.05pt BACK on BOND ANGEL (around 23.0 early) 

BOZmail 2020 cycle : 2020 overall score = +58.8086points



Currently stands at : 33.2195 points (+13.2195 points)


Review of the 2020 year:

Saaheq ran just about same as he ran on December 13th despite the 11lb turnaround and the form of the Amanda Perrett yard obviously not ready yet for winners. He makes the All weather

List I’ve started however for this period going forward. Is on his mark now and once the stable fancy him, he’ll be a bet.

Wasn’t to be this time but I got the favourite beat and pretty much a perfect way of summing up 2020. I have described to several of you already that it was without equal in my experience as a professional tipster. The toughest year ever. We all know the cause and when you look at the things I did to try to mitigate the cause and you see minus scores in the Royal Ascot column, the Local Track column and the Occasional Acca column as well as LIM minusses in my attempts to farm the overseas racing market in April/May I think it is fair to say that anyone who has come out of this year ahead has done ok. I feel that very keenly and feel sure that had that year happened ten years ago when I was a much less experienced sort of tipster, I would have been in trouble. Learned a lot in that time and a load more this year!

The natural trait to avoid panic and exercise extreme caution when necessary has always been there however and it served me again this year. Several times when I thought the whole shebang was busted and my confidence has been at a low sort of ebb throughout – so little faith have I invested in those whose job it has been to steer us through these rocky waters – and yet those who have labelled me the tortoise of the tipping world are not far off the mark.

Not the quickest, nor the best but up there with the steadiest and like the tortoise, I am not easy pray for the scavengers on the other side of the fence in this game we play. Seen off a few hyenas along the way this year and after a last five months of modest but always positive reparation, I do enter 2021 with a more confident air than at any time this year! That may of course be on the ‘it can’t get any worse’ spectrum! But it does always pay to highlight the positives and the score this year is that in the circumstances. Could have been better obviously – especially if I had been bolder during those last five months – but could also have been a shedload worse. There is much that is still broken about British Racing and indeed the country we live in but we’ve plodded through. Kept it tight. Shown a profit and imitated the action of the tortoise in the extreme!

The gambler did rear his head on occasion and the discovery of a sound way to play PROFIT AT THE DEATH trading without anything but negligible risk of long term loss and the setting in stone of the NUISANCE NEIGHBOUR dog racing system have been big plusses for the developing tipster in me this year. As well as the gambler. I’ve had more time for developing systems of course this year – stuck in my garrett half the time as I have been – but it has been great to have had the helping hand of other BOZmailers. One in particular who knows who he is played a pivotal role in locking the dog racing system in place. That has been a very positive development for 2020. And the PROFIT AT THE DEATH trading actually occasioned a not unhealthy overall sheet score for those now embracing it. 

That isn’t everyone I know but it is there as distinct encouragement for those of us carrying on into next year. Look forward to that. Maybe we’ll also get chance to meet up more with the planned paddock watching programme in 2021 too. LIM will certainly be receiving maximum attention for after every lull there is always an upswing! 2021 WILL be it.

Remains only for me to say that it has been a pleasure to serve – even in this kind of climate.

Thanks to all those who have sent feedback and words of encouragement during the year. Not possible to describe how much of a valuable part that plays nor how much it is appreciated. Other than to say I couldn’t do it without it!

I wish each and everyone good fortune for the year ahead.



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