BOZmail – 15th MAY

Ummed and arred and did the three jumps races at Angers in the week without feeling confident enough about them to include on here.Instead, first indications of how we might start back with UK racing as BHA publish their provisional first week fixture list:
June 1 Newcastle
June 2 Kempton, Newcastle
June 3 Kempton, Yarmouth
June 4 Newcastle, Newmarket
June 5 Lingfield, Newmarket
June 6 Lingfield, Newcastle, Newmarket
June 7 Haydock, Lingfield, Newmarket
June 8 Chelmsford, Haydock, Lingfield

With big fields likely, it is still possible that LIM might have to ease its way in gradually and we could be watching for a little while longer yet although I'll be restarting the Flat To Follow list post haste and keeping an eye on alternative strategies that I have that may be more apllicable while the old scene settles down. From a course preference point of view, none of the above are prime BOZ tracks and none appear on the shortlist system which may also wait a while for the return of NH jump racing and/or Royal Ascot before it gets back into gear.
Still very much a case of take it as it comes and remain vigilant – bit like life in general – and I'll certainly be glad to get back in the groove again and will be keeping my eye open for new opportunities. Will be practising on a couple of French Jumps meets in the run up to this too so daily BOZmail imminent again now and I'll post again as soon as I have a clearer idea of dates and an indication of how many days in total we have lost from the 2020 cycle and how many substitue days will be inserted going into 2021.

More anon.

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