BOZmail – 12th MAY

BOZmail update – 12th May

4-05 Compiegne – Laid Villa Florentine – Unplaced. Backed Ginga – 2nd

4-35 Compiegne – Laid Bipolaire – 3rd. Backed Curly Basc – 2nd

5-05 Compiegne – Laid Je Deviens Moi – Fell. Backed Le Berry – 1st

Wasn’t intending to play on Day one in France but having seen the results at Paris Longchamp – where almost all favs got stuffed including several odds on – and the realising that all Pari Mutuel outlets would still be closed so all markets being formed by UK bookmakers and then seeing jump racing on offer and easy access to the form – much more so than US or Oz racing, I got tempted into having a practice. And must apologise for making that poor call to give it a miss. No better time really for playing market trading than after an unplanned absence period. Markets don’t really know which way to turn and favs very often false. And with form the Boz can also get at and jump racing to boot, I should be in there. And I will be in future when jump racing occurs again. My back knowledge in that ain’t too bad in France and is my spiritual tipping home anyway whilst flat racing is a much more recent acquisition. Jumps and womens tennis still my two top specialisms.

Add in Sky Sports live coverage and the fact that Betfair seem to have overcome their reticence to cover in play trading (the element of UK odds compilers shaping the markets perhaps?) and then my performance at picking winners in heavy ground on day one. And I’m in. Next day of jump racing, watch out for some considered plays. 

Usual criteria of smaller fields, laying false favs and seeking a value back in same race. Not at LIM levels but possibly more than one per day to spread the potential.New bank being formed and April to be repaired. With UK Government looking for reasons to keep us starved of action (conspiracy theories related to abolition of on course bookmakers and SPs gain further ground) and you have to admit, it’s no time to be proud of being British. Dare I say again! There’s still a kernel in me saying bide yer time. The glory days will return here. That’s what the wife says. She’d better be right!


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