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Slow and steady wins the betting race - the tortoise makes long term consistent profits not the hare

The Gradual Accumulation of Profit

Nobody likes losing, but it's part of the winning process. The remedy is to have as few losers as possible by being selective, cautious and utterly locked in to the gradual accumulation of profit. The Boz is the tortoise of the tipping world. 

And Less is More(LIM) is his flagship horse race betting model. 

LIM narrows the action down to one small field UK horse race per day and seeks to lay the poor value race favourite to pay for a bet on the value pick in the same race.

Proofed to Real Members

Trialled, to early adopters, daily in The BOZmail for three years now, LIM has achieved a consistent 66%+ strike rate on the daily lay and an average 25% strike rate on the daily backs.

Consistent Accumulation of Profit

Since going live in 2015 this Less is More approach has provided consistent accumulation of profit all the way for Bozmail readers.

Start with a Modest Bank

Because of the high strike rate, low liability and regular profits these bets can be approached confidently with a modest starting bank.

Quick, Easy and Straightforward

With the daily Bozmail you will gain regular steady monthly profits from placing just one or two bets into the same race each day. Your profits will be quick, easy and straightforward.

Big Wins from Staggered Accumulators

"The staggered accumulator is an attempt to win at big odds for no stake over an indeterminate length of time"

Less is More is the cash builder approach that the Boz and his followers use to compliment his highly selective Staggered Accumulators that will also be published on this service.

Staggered Accumulators target the Big Big Wins

Here's how the Staggered Accumulator works ...

  • Step 1 - Select a 'weapons grade' locked in Grade A initial bet
  • Step 2 - From the return on the initial bet return the stake to your bank - meaning the rest of the  acca is now a free bet
  • Step 3 - Place all the profit from bet 1 on another Grade A high probability bet.
  • Step 4 - Repeat with all the returns from bet 2 going onto another Grade A selection
  • Step 5 - Keep the accumulator going until the Big Hoo Ha Win!

The only way you can lose with the Staggered Accumulator is if the first bet loses.  After a successful first bet it's totally risk free, no losses, a free bet with no downside and a big potential payout!

You will receive full step by step instructions on where to place each bet in the Staggered Accumulator

"The Staggered Accumulators are just that. Drawn from The Boz’s various sporting specialisms - non-league football, women’s grand slam tennis, UK National Hunt Horse Racing and US flat track horse racing - the staggered accumulator is an attempt to win at big odds for no stake over an indeterminate length of time.

The selections are always weapons grade and come from The Boz’s daily research and study methods. Only go into play when confidence of success is grade A. Patience exercised in waiting for the right play. Discipline required in staking all of the winnings from the previous leg on to the next leg of the accumulator when it occurs."

Gary Boswell aka The Boz

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