Gary 'The Boz' Boswell Wants to Show You How to Replace Your Income

Betting on Just One Race per Day

Gary Boswell

Learn These Income Replacer Plays For Free

Winning is actually very straightforward 

You just need to avoid losing, stake sensibly, work to always get the best prices possible and manage your betting bank.

Simple but not easy.

But Gary has perfected the Less Is More play that when operated within the simple rules set out above has changed lives

2019 Proofed Profit Using The Boz Less Is More Method

2019 sequence began in October 2018 - Results to £100 per point stakes

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  • The Less Is More bet structure that will boost your strike rate
  • Why slow and steady profit accumulation with minimal back-steps is the key to long term success
  • Where to bet and how to optimise your profit with graduated staking 
  • Put it all together and you will win more and lose less and long term profit will be your prize

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